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Kim Solez, MD, President and CEO of Transpath, Inc., is one of the world's foremost renal pathologists and medical Internet leaders. Dr. Solez earned his MD from the University of Rochester and trained at Johns Hopkins. He is a Professor and Former Chair of Pathology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Director of National Kidney Foundation (NKF) cyberNephrology, a joint venture between the NKF, US and the University of Alberta. Responsible for the international standard-setting Banff Conferences on Allograft Pathology, www.cybernephrology.ualberta.ca/banff, Dr. Solez is also Chair of the Commission on Nephrology Informatics of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN). As chair of the ISN Commission on Acute Renal Failure from 1989 to 1997, he started the ISN Disaster Relief Task Force.

A large number of excellent educational resources exist online for free through Dr. Solez' efforts. In 1994, Dr. Solez and Ms. Michele Hales began the first major world-wide-web and e-mail resources in nephrology. Although radiology, dermatology, anesthesiology and nursing had gained access earlier, the nephrology initiative eventually surpassed all other medical disciplines in online innovations. The finest example of Dr. Solez' high-quality communication resources is the Schrier Atlas of Diseases of the Kidney at www.kidneyatlas.org. The cyberNephrology web-site www.cybernephrology.org is a major portal in renal medicine, with associated e-mail discussion groups, telemedicine and telepathology resources, and multimedia web sites. Dr. Solez is enthusiastic about the prospect of creating Internet resources across the health sector. He plans to achieve this aim by combining innovations of cyberNephrology with other Internet innovations.

Hometown: Avoca, NY
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Sheila Moriber Katz, MD, MBA, President and CEO of NewMedicine, LLC, is an authoritative, highly acclaimed medical futurist.  A medical doctor and scientist, she is a leading communicator of cutting-edge 21st Century medicine.Her achievements include directing a White House Commission (Presidential Executive Order #13147), finding the bacterial cause of Legionnaires' disease, serving as Dean of Hahnemann University School of Medicine, co-founding Philadelphia’s School of Public Health, and chairing a bioterrorism task force.  She has also been a member of Federal Advisory Councils at the National Institutes of Health and has worked as Special Expert, Department of Health and Human Services.  Dr. Moriber Katz earned her MD from Duke University and trained at Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania and Cornell.  She also holds an MBA from the Wharton School.  Dr. Moriber Katz has had more than three decades of experience as professor, medical innovator / researcher, practicing renal-transplantation pathologist, educator and author.   A founder of the International Arts Medicine Association, she is also a creative writer / poet. 

Hometown: Gladwyne, PA
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Nicole Olson is a 25 year old undergraduate student at the University
of Alberta majoring in Philosophy.  She has been helping Dr. Solez
with innovative projects since 2004 and is a partner with him and
Dr. Katz in writing Digitality.  She has contributed much to the overall
structure, approach, flavor, and content of both the book and associated sites like www.KimSolez.com , and was the original inspiration for Dr. Solez's philosophical writing. The three of us are at the same time so very different and so very the same; we have great times interacting together! We decided not to render Nikki's image in blue and grey like the others as there really is nothing blue or grey or machine-like about her!

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